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Connecting owners with renters 
Rentagade Concierge Service LLC 
Owner Package

The purpose and my mission for Rentagade is to connect owners with renters and still give Owners the opportunity to be hands off to the degree of your comfort level.  


Rentagade is not a Property Management Company, Instead Rentagade is a concierge service.  We will eventually get you set up so that funds are deposited straight into your account once the tenant pays on their online portal. This means no management fee is taken out. No more wondering or worrying where your money is and when a tenant pays. You know because it goes directly into your account. Instead of a management fee we charge a monthly subscription to utilize our concierge property management services.


So essentially You will manage your own properties and still be completely hands off! and the best part is, you will still have me here 100% personally to make sure everything is intact and handled properly. Hands off means you will not deal with the tenant directly, we handle that. You will not collect rent, it goes directly into  your account. 

Any questions, problems or concerns you still have me here to handle them for you and I’m always available to you! My team as well as myself is always available to your tenants.


Everything from maintenance to general inquiries from tenants will be handled for you through our concierge service.


Please review the packages and then once reviewed reach back out to me so that we can schedule a time to discuss in further detail.

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